What a year… and on we go…

What a year 2021 has been! 

Just in my blogs alone we’ve watched the storming of the White House and the removal of contentious statues. We’ve marked Holocaust Memorial Day in January, the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden in February and remembered to remember – albeit only just – Remembrance Sunday in November. You shared my experiences of deep anxiety prior to giving a TEDx talk in March, explored the idea of inherited trauma and guilt as well as ‘genetic pain’, and toured a German photographer’s exhibition: Long Shadows of War. I have taken you – as I frequently do – into the depths and dysfunctions of our prison service. First, via a gruelling TV series, then through new government policies, from relatively harmless ones such as the introduction of high-vis jackets that simply won’t work to terrifying ‘Saudi Arabia-style’ approaches that leave 18-year-old women giving birth alone in cells. We also witnessed the tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan and questioned the sense of trying and locking up nonagenarian former Nazis. 

Thank you for joining me on all or some of those journeys of enquiry and thought.

It feels like there is so much going on in the world, like we are hurtling towards bigger disasters while still mopping up smaller ones. It’s hard to remain optimistic when our own horizons have shrunk due to the imposed or self-imposed Covid restrictions, and yet good things can come out of all this unrest and uncertainty. Like my book!

For the past months, I have been strapped to my desk in a mad rush to meet deadlines and finally ‘finish my book’. I know, I know, you’ve heard that before. I’ve said it before because I frequently thought I had. This time, and certainly by Christmas, I really will have and, what’s more, you can read about it and… drum roll… even pre-order it HERE… What a perfect Christmas gift! Just know it won’t actually be published until 7th July 2022. 

I have never known such a gargantuan task as writing a non-fiction book of around 100,000 words. But then In My grandfather’s Shadow weaves together all the threads running through my blogs, my careers, my whole life, into one narrative. Set against the backdrop of Germany’s Second World War and post-war decades, it tells the stories of three generations – my German grandfather, a decorated General who served on the eastern front; my German mother, who fled Berlin in 1945 as the Soviets advanced, and me, their respective Anglo-German granddaughter and daughter who, by some transgenerational mechanism, carried some of the scars of war that they hadn’t been able to heal.

That’s all I will tell you about it right now. But, on top of my usual responding to current developments within my blog themes, I intend to devote next year’s blogs to whetting your appetites with little morsels until you feel you absolutely have to read the book!

For now though, as 2021 draws to its dark and slightly messy close, I would just like to wish you a very happy festive season, good health of mind, body and soul, and much love, light and laughter in your hearts for the new year ahead. 

Look forward to seeing you in some form in 2022. It’s going to be really good… or at least better. Even if it is just ‘fine’, all is and will be well.

Cheers to that!

6 thoughts on “What a year… and on we go…

  1. Incredible! I started this day with a ‚hey, let’s do the pre-ordering of Angela’s book right now…‘ – did it successfully and only AFTER that opened my email account to find you latest blog. Destiny in progress. Just can’t wait to inhaling your work! Lying in my hammock in summer…
    Warmest congrats for this huge accomplishment!!! And really, really thank you for it!

  2. That’s fantastic Angela! What a huge undertaking and achievement. It must be such a relief to have a ‘wrap’ at last. Love the cover, can’t wait to read it! X

  3. Wonderful to see the cover of the THE book, and so looking forward to reading it. I am sure I will find it very interesting and it will generate much discussion.

    On Fri, 17 Dec 2021 at 06:13, angela findlay blog wrote:

    > angela findlay posted: ” What a year 2021 has been! Just in my blogs > alone we’ve watched the storming of the White House and the removal of > contentious statues. We’ve marked Holocaust Memorial Day in January, the > anniversary of the bombing of Dresden in February and rem” >

  4. Many, many congratulations on completing your book! And great that you haven’t got editor’s queries, proof-checking and all the rest of it hanging over your head over Christmas and into 2022! Extra glass of fizz for that girl! I’ve ordered my copy now, am very much looking forward to receiving it, and hope that you’ll sign it for me when i next see you.
    Best wishes for a very happy (and relaxed!) Christmas.

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